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Shoulder Bag "#endowarrior" | Recycled Cotton | blue/yellow

Shoulder Bag "#endowarrior" | Recycled Cotton | blue/yellow

Version no. 2 of the #endowarrior bag, this time in a light blue and yellow 💕

I decided on this theme because...
I am an #endowarrior
...and I am not alone. Endometriosis affects #1in10 women (or people assigned female at birth) and significantly reduces their life quality with the no. 1 symptom being very debilitating and unpredictable pain.
This condition occurs when endometrial-like tissue grows on other organs and causes inflammation. It can even fuse organs together. It's incredibly hard to get a diagnosis and treatment because there is a lot of stigma around it.
Other symptoms can be fatigue, migraines, general pelvic pain even outside of the menstrual cycle, infertility, IBS,... and a lot more.
To conclude: this b**** is no fun 👎

With the only treatment options being mere bandaids rather than actual cures (surgery, hormonal therapy) research is way behind and underfunded. Let's change that! Besides hopefully helping to raise awareness on this subject, I am also going to donate 40% of the proceeds to Endometriosis Research.

Let's raise #endoawareness together! Share my posts of this bag on Instagram (@minnelindkreations) and connect with me 💕


I can add magnetic closing buttons if you wish - to no additional cost! Or if you're crafty like me and want to add some special buttons yourself - I can add the matching yarn to your order so you can integrate them :)

100% Recycled Cotton Yarn, plastic beads

Body: 26x16x5cm
Handle: length: 48cm, height from top of the body: 21cm

Simply hand wash only and lay flat to dry. No rubbing, no aggressive detergents.
This bag is made of recycled yarn, which means the individual fibers are short, so be careful when washing so the bag doesn't become frizzy. Also make sure to remove the beads before washing 😉