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Nostalgia Sweater | Pattern by Maana Crafts | size S

Nostalgia Sweater | Pattern by Maana Crafts | size S

I made this sweater during a pattern test for Maana Crafts and used a slightly different yarn than was asked for in the pattern. So, the measurements don't fit me perfectly, which is why I'm selling it (the designer allows this because I credit her, it says so in her patterns as well :))
This beautiful cropped sweater is very cozy and I think the cut is very flattering too :)
It took me more than 20 hours to complete, in which I learned a couple new skills as well ♡
Material: 50/50 acrylic/cotton
Slight changes can be made, e.g. I can change the sleeve cuffs (make them wider or longer) or add some more rows to the bottom!
It's a size S, with wide sleeves and a narrow waist. It fits a waist up to 70cm and a bust up to 95cm.
You can message me if you want the exact measurements: [email protected]