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Hello, lovelies. Thank you for visiting my store!

I am an artist based in Vienna, Austria. I started Minnelind Kreations to fulfill my dream of pursuing my greatest passions in the world of arts and crafts. It is my personal safe space in which I can experiment with different creative mediums by letting my intuition flow.

What does the name mean?

"Minne" and "lind" are old German words for "love" and "delicate". In combination, they remind of the adjective "minnelich", Minne's little sister, "lovely"/"graceful".
Thus, Minnelind Kreations is not only a reminder of the safe space and mindset that I have created for myself, but also of the connection to my ancestral roots and my love for nature.
I also decided to write "Kreations" with a "K" to make the name match my own initials: M.K.
Marie Kristin.

What are the products?

My principles lie in producing from sustainable materials only, making "eco" look modern and fashionable and including unique positive symbolisms to every single one of my products.

Currently, I am exploring the worlds of art and crochet by designing and making:

- crochet handbags and purses, elegant or casual for everyday use
- fine art prints of my mixed media drawings, representing what we should take good care of in this world: animals, humans and nature
- cutesy coasters and seasonal items to decorate your home with
- crochet patterns, for all the creative souls out there (available on Ko-fi)

I donate part of the revenue from every sale to different charities that stand up for our environment, animal welfare and health/medicine, mainly Endometriosis Research.

You can connect with me on Instagram! Just click on that lovely little camera-shaped button at the bottom of this page or find me on Instagram directly: @minnelindkreations

I am looking forward to connecting with you ♡

Marie from...
Minnelind Kreations